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Winter Boat Projects

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What is everybody doing for boat projects this winter?  This is my first time in 20 years with a brand new boat, so my list is short by my standards.

I did knock out a few to start the off season:
Window tint, HRD Locker Nets, powder coated rubrail, HRD overhead racks & windshield frame, side tow points, flag pole mounts and Domed logos on the sides of the boat.  This winter will mostly be about stereo upgrades as I deleted the factory sub and towers.

Post up your winter list of projects!  

Don’t let the new boat scare you  I love seeing upgrades on all years of boats!!







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that's such a deep red color, great choice @Hyperryd

i'm upgrading from 1280lb bags to ~1600lb enzo-style bags, which includes battery/perko/noco relocation.  i hope to install a heater that i've had for 3 years now and haven't installed yet.  adding an a-plate.  modifying my surf gates for less wave interference.  installing a surf pipe.  aaaaaaand hopefully giver her a good wetsand and shine.

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@BTown801 The driver is the only one that can hear the factory horns. I had the closest call I've had in all my years of boating this summer. An idiot pulling 3 little kids on a tube nearly came across my bow because he was whipping them around while watching the kids rather than where he was going. Plus, it helps keep the waverunners away. Not to mention, it's LOUD and just fun to blow.


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21 hours ago, BTown801 said:

@rajohnson26 are the air horns for the lake lice? Sometimes I wish paintballs weren't litter... 

They are actually flag holders for, of all things, Jeep Wranglers.  You can find them on Amazon. They are for the back tailgate areas. I plan to cut the tubes down a few inches this off-season. They worked great as is on my last boat. Just thought I would shorten them up a bit. 

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