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Buying a 2013 Tomcat F21

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Hey all - Previous Supra and Nautique owner here. I searched through the forum but maybe I missed it. I'm hoping to hear if there is anything specific I should look out for with the 2013 F21 model. 

Definitely excited about potentially joining the MB club. Hope this sale works out but let me know if there is anything I should look out for or feel free to share a link with a thread that already covered this topic!



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Some have had issues with the tower breaking or cracking. I believe also some have had issues with motor mounts. Knock on wood I haven’t. The only issue I’ve had were the ballast gates breaking/failing. I replaced them with Valterra’s and so far so good. If you search those topics there’s some good info on them. Enjoy your new boat. 

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I have a 2013 B52. I can PM you my number for more details but here's what you want to look for. It's possible the current owner has taken care of some of these already.

1. Motor mounts - Indmar put bad mounts on the engine that fail by getting crushed over time. This causes the prop shaft to get out of alignment and break. Solution is to replace mounts & realign prop shaft. If shaft cracked it must be replaced as well. 

2. The OEM PYI shaft seal doesn't last long. The OJ or Glide seal is the recommended replacement.

3. The DrainMaster gate valves need to be lubricated annually. Most people don't and they're longevity is limited. The Valterras are much more robust.

4. The tower tubes across the top are thin and not load bearing (besides the wakeboard tow point). Speakers should not be mounted across the top, but on the side where the OEM holes are. Even still, some people have seen their tower tube break at the weld point. Many have no issue, but some have. 

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