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Hello MB Boat Owners! Thank you for your continued support of Boat Bling! With your help we were able to gain a number of new dealers and countless referrals for customers and dealers alike. As a way of saying thank you to our loyal fans, supporters, and even those who are willing to take a flyer and try out a new product we are pleased to offer a limited time member discount. We know there is plenty of competition out there vying for your business and we can not thank you enough for sticking with the Boat Bling Sauce line of Premium Detailing Products.


As those that know us personally can attest, we've been putting in long hours at our new, larger facility to prepare for the 2013 summer season. This year marks a major turning point for Boat Bling and while the details remain confidential, I can assure you that the hours and dedication of our entire team are beginning to pay off. It's hard to believe that our company which began with a few boating friends getting together and complaining about the lack of affordable, quality boat care products on the market has become a major player in the marine industry with a network of 500+ dealers worldwide. While we do our best to spread the word, it's truly our customers that have provided the best marketing.


This special promotion is available only to MB forum members and the details must remain off the boards. Please feel free to post comments or ask product related questions but again, the details must remain private. The promotion will run for two weeks, ending on March 27th.


1. Send us a PM or email zack@boatbling.net with your name and contact info.

2. Include the name of your nearest dealer, preferably with contact info, whom you feel would be a good fit for Boat Bling products.

3. Within 24 hours we will provide you with a discount code valid for the online store at www.boatbling.net

4. Please advise if you are in Canada or Australia so we can put you in touch with a regional distributor.

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Hello MB Boat Owners! Thank you for your continued support of Boat Bling! With your help we were able to gain a number of new dealers and countless referrals for customers and dealers alike. As a way

FYI Amazon has BB products for $19.95 prime shipping. Its the best price I've found.

I just wanna say that damn Condition Sauce smells so f-ING good I'm not if I should be putting it on my seats or mixing it with rum. Co-Co nutty!

I missed the thread last year and ended up buying a "bucket of babes"... just curious if anyone has tried both, if boat bling is considerably better I may try to sell my remaining babes. It would be different if I had only bought a small bottle, but I still have lots.


If Boat Bling is good as everyone says, I have connections at the local store and may try to get them to carry the Boat Bling line..(for my benefit as well as everyone else ;) )..




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I have been using Babes for about 4 years now. I ordered a sample pack of bling yesterday morning. It was shipped yesterday and will be here Tuesday. We are riding next weekend. I will use the product then and let yo know how I think it compares to Babes.

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Wow! The response to the thread has been outstanding! We've received over 30 inquiries from this thread and our shipping clerk was swamped with orders yesterday.


A few went to spam so and were delayed but everything should be caught up. Please let me know if anyone hasn't received a reply with the discount details.


Thanks again for supporting Boat Bling!

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Glad to see plenty of folks are embracing the discount! We've had some BIG orders come through over the past week. One was almost $1000!!!! That should provide enough product to keep the boat clean for a few weeks ;)


Also, thank you for the dealer referrals. We've been passing these leads along to our sales reps and hope to bring Boat Bling products to a store shelf near each of you this summer.


Reminder: The discount applies to Canadian and Australian customers as well but please be sure to advise us of your location in your pm/email so we can connect you with a regional distributor

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Yes it is a small world. I will probably be out there both days this weekend. I am getting my boat bling sutff today. My boat candy order will be here tomorrow. I am going to try Bling, Babes, Candy this weekend. That is why I waxed the boat on Saturday. It gives all three a baseline to start at.

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Yes it is a small world. I will probably be out there both days this weekend. I am getting my boat bling sutff today. My boat candy order will be here tomorrow. I am going to try Bling' date=' Babes, Candy this weekend. That is why I waxed the boat on Saturday. It gives all three a baseline to start at.[/quote']


Can't wait for the review! Be sure to get the boat nice and filthy so we can see some great before & after shots.


Thank you all for the orders! The weather must be warming up across the country because our shipping department has been slammed keeping up with the spring season demand. Fortunately we've got a great team behind the scenes that keeps everything running smoothly.


We would love your support on our facebook page. Our pro staff fishermen make up the majority of our fans so a little water sport love would be awesome! Check us out at facebook.com/boatbling and post a photo of your freshly blinged boat.

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OK so I am going to say sorry for the long post but I want to give everyone my complete review.


I Have a 2013 23WB as a test subject.


So I started by completely washing and putting on a good coat of machine applied wax on 3-16-23 in prep for this test.


We took the boat out on Saturday 3-23-13. We put in at 10 am and pulled it at 5 pm. We boarded, skated and surfed and ate lunch in the boat. This is a normal day for us. We had a small crew only 6 of us.


We pulled boat and had all my friends as usual wanting to help clean and I said no. My nephew and I wanted to do it all so I could keep the results fair, so I sent everyone home.


We started on the interior. We cleaned half with Babes Seat soap and then applied Seat Saver like we have done for years. The other half we used Boat Bling. Vinyl sauce first then condition after.

They both worked great on cleaning the vinly equally well. When it came to conditioner Boat Bling won hands down. It left it feeling way more supple. You can tell it penetrated better and will make our upholestry last longer.


Now the exterior, I did the interior first so I could let the exterior dry.I did the exterior by myself so I could do the exact same procedure for all 3 products. I figured any product would work fresh out of the water. I wanted to see what it would do with dry water spots. I tried 3 product Babes, Bling and Boat Candy. I took blue tape and taped 3 equal section along the back corner from top to bottom. All 3 sections were in the black area of our boat (water spots really show in black).


Babes was first, a few squirts and a quick rub and wipe. It left water spots everwhere. I rubbed harder and most but not all came out.

Next was Boat Bling Hot Suace, a few squirts and a quick rub. It was all gone and looking great.

Next was Boat Candy, a few squirts and a quick rub. It was also all gone.

At this point I decided to do one half of the boat with Bling and the other half with Boat Candy. The boat bling came off easy and left a spot free shine and a nice wax coating behind. I also used less towels than I usually use when using Babes. Next I moved over to the other side and started using Boat Candy. I applied it and starting wiping. It took more pressure and a longer time to get it off. So I used less product and it became a little easier to remove but still took longer than the Bling. When finished I rechecked the look of both sides. Both sides were clean and spot free.

So in my opinion, Boat bling is superior of the three product. I have ordered a Stimulus package this morning before the discount goes away.

I took before and after pictures of the exterior but they didn't come out good enough to post.



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