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Ballast Levers very stiff

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Hello everyone, I've got a 17 B52 23' that i purchased last year.  I am not sure how stiff these levers should be but it takes some pretty firm pressure to get them up and down.  Worried something could eventually break.  I have lubed the gates at the rear of the boat several times with Silcone, Lithium grease and most recently MolyKote valve lubricant, but not much has changed.  Is this normal or is there another place to lube or service? Thanks in advance

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I have a 2018 and they are stiff as well.  Mostly just getting into and out of the closed (up) position.  I think it creates a tight seal as it closes.  I did lubricate through the drain holes every few times out and cycle a few times and it does help.

I also only pull down one lever at a time, so to not pull out the whole panel.

I did see a video a while back of a guy pulling down both levers together - it was a new boat walkthrough.  Looked easy, but mine have never been that easy.

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I hit them with WD40 from the exterior while someone is actuating the levers. Do it every 4th trip or so to the water. Takes about half the force afterwards.

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