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“Looking at upgrading and torn between boats. Here is what I am looking at. 
2020 MB B52 23
2020-2022 Supreme ZS232
2022 Supreme S240
Another option 2022 Supreme S220

l love the look of the MB’s I was 100% stuck on the B52 23 classic, but researching the Supremes they have a ton of adjustability in the surf wave set up, supposedly get amazing fuel economy and are super quiet. I have heard the B52’s are gas hogs and are pretty loud.


I appreciate any input!

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Cant comment on gas mileage, since ive only owned MB, But IMO I wouldnt worry about wave adjustment. I literally just fill all the bags and the wave is perfect every time on my 2020 23 footer. loundess? Ive heard many say MB is louder then others. But the stereo is louder. 

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I've surfed behind a 2020 ZS232 and the wave was....lacking? We spent at least 30 minutes trying to dial it in, and IMO having wave "adjustability" is something that isn't needed for 99% of the people you are going to be pulling. I love the fact that my wave is consistent every time we go out and so easy to set-up. You can change the look of the wave by dumping ballast or slowing down or speeding up but in all honesty everyone loves the wave exactly as is, like Bloodiest said, fill everything up 100% full and go 11.3 and for the money you will have a wave that's hard to beat. My boat is about average on full consumption I would say, similar to my old boat which was a Tige RZ2.

As for the loudness, yes it's loud, but when I blast my stereo I can never hear the engine, there are a few owners here that have done some modifications to the engine bay area with sound dampening material and they have reported good results, I'm just too lazy to do so and am never going to turn my stereo down so it's never been an issue for me!

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I mean...It's an MB forum so take it for what it's worth. 


That being said, I heavily crossed shopped Supreme in 2019 when I was deciding. The Zeus is a good boat but stay away from the regular S if you want to surf. It takes ballast and technique to get even decent wave. I liked the interior quality and the price and I do believe the GM motors are quieter. Just don't think you are getting a budget Centurion. You're not.  People don't surf to save gas. Don't get me wrong, I'm on a budget too, but if (at most) 1-2 gph is making a difference, then you probably shouldn't be buying the boat. (In general, not directed at you OP)

I remember my Centurion local dealer literally offering classes on wave adjustment, and I was like... I don't want to go to school, I want to surf.  I have found that in this activity you want the biggest, most meaty wave every time. The bigger the wave, the EASIER it is for beginners (including kids). 

The only people who even benefit from acute fine tuning of a wave is pro/expert level surfers who are more than likely riding behind G's and Paragon's, and Ri's. 

Unless you love your Supreme dealer AND you don't have confidence in your MB dealer (you buy the dealer, not just the boat), buy the MB and get a boat that looks and performs like a 200K boat. 

Regardless, whatever you buy, I'm sure you will love it!!!

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On 12/31/2022 at 2:56 PM, Guppydriver said:

stay away from the regular S if you want to surf

This was definitely the case with the s238 and the s211(?). I believe the new S220 and S240 are getting good reviews for surfing. I want to demo surf the S240 really bad. 

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