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on my 14 i hated the clarion deck,  i went with a fusion, as i wanted to be able to control all three zones,  or i thought i would, i just installed in the pick,  there is covers over the screws on the end  i just made my own plate, moved and added some switches,   works perfect



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On 7/1/2023 at 9:26 AM, giddyup said:

on my 14 i hated the clarion deck,

You and everyone else 🤣OMG was thing a disaster! Luckily, Clarion redeemed themselves with the M508, which is a near plug n play single DIN swap for those that dont want to mod the helm.   

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Here's the info.  2005 MB B52.  I'm not worried about huge sound.  Good radio receptions and Bluetooth are important.  CD's would be nice but not a necessity.  I have no plans on adding more speakers.

Clarion Marine radio-seems original, plays CDs, reception isn't that good
(4) Kicker KM654 6.5" speakers.  Replaced last summer.
(2) Wet Sounds tower pods, Pro-60 6.5" HLCD, I think they're powered by the Kicker Amp.  They still work but are older.  I'll keep these until they fail.
(1) Kicker amp kma360.4 (Marine 4-channel amplifier — 90 watts RMS x 4) for KM654 speakers.    Replaced last summer.
(1) Polk amp for Clarion sub woofer.  I don't know how old this is.
(1) Clarion sub woofer.  Seems original.  I'll keep until it fails.


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