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Draft on Alphas - 22" or 33"


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hey all, been looking for an upgrade on my 2018 f21 - i like the 23 alpha but i have very skinny water, this year lake was 6" lower than normal and its been a 3 prop summer!  - my dealer is telling me the alpha draft is 22" just like the classic but on the MB site it says its 33" for the models except the F24A which is 24" ?? - i am not sure if anyone has any relevant info to add, i find it odd there is a big difference in draft between these boats, i tried to call MB and left a message but nothing back. 


any help is appreciated. 



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Well I can't speak for the alpha, but I do know it has a deeper draft. I just measured my 2020 classic 23 footer and when including the prop, and using my best judgement from the water line, I get about 33 inches.  I have been in 3 feet water(according to my gauge) and have seen mud/dirt stir up from the prop. 

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