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Squeal/squeak when slowing down and throwing into neutral

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2017 f22, raptor 400.


Boat runs and starts up perfect, no issues with charging or heating or oil pressure. Just bought the boat yesterday. Took it out on a test drive no issues no noises, today I get the family out and we ride around for an hour or so, slow down to tube and I hear a high pitch whine. 

Thought it may be the radio/sub interference but I switched that off and it still does it.


Under throttle the boat makes absolutely zero noise, it’s only under deceleration.


I had the wife drive as I inspected and it seems like the noise is coming from the transmission area but it’s after the transmission is in neutral and the shaft is coming to a stop. 

Anyone seen this happen? I ran the boat on the trailer as soon as we took it out of the water to see if I could potentially check the strut/cutlass bearing, but i couldn’t replicate out of water. 

Help is appreciated!

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Could it be gear lash caused from misfire?  See one of my recent posts.  Replacing spark plugs removed the sound in my case.  You might also have to replaced plug wires and rotor if it has one.


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I would suggest getting your shaft alignment checked. Ive had similar issues that seem to come and go. Since you just purchased, you never know if its been done recently. my guess is its rubbing on decel. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make the noise next time you are out

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