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As you lower the center plate into the water, it creates lift if you will, much like an airfoil. As the plate creates the lift, the stern (back) rises which naturally lowers the bow (front). 

This can be used to get on plane quicker and to keep the bow lower to more effectively "slice through" chop and rollers. 

I am just now starting to experiment with wave performance with the center plate.  Sometimes, when I have a large group of people and not many want to sit up front, I'll use the center plate to force the nose down to be able to reach surf speed and actually produce a wave instead of a mess of whitewash. In theory, the center plate can extend the wave farther back, but it also (in theory) can dissipate push as you are losing displacement by "lifting" the rear of the boat a bit.  

I've also been using the center plate lately with light and small surfers who tend to rush the boat due to the push of the boat and the buoyancy of the small rider. This allows them to fall back a bit more and still recover without bumrushing the stern.


Best advice I was given..."Fart around with it, see what works"

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Perfect explanations above.  One thing I have found on my F22 (not an alpha) is that the plate can be push down so far that you can actually throw a pretty massive rooster tail.  I don't recommend doing it for long as it has to be putting a ton of strain on the system, but it is pretty funny to do when pulling somebody on a tube.  You can raise that rooster tail and then swing them through it.  It is enough water being thrown that I would not do it when riders are centered in the wake as you could make it very difficult for them to breathe!

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It served me well on labor day in powell. That main channel when the weather hits and or lots of boats running through it can make it feel like a ocean.  It helps quite a bit cutting through the chop.  I don't use it a lot for it will burn more fuel. So best to use only when needed. 

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On 8/31/2023 at 4:35 PM, Callum said:

Does anyone know what the centre tab does on my 2022 MB B52-23 classic? 

The center tab can be used for a couple of things. 

It can be used to help keep the bow down or to lower the bow. If you have a lot of weight in the back of the boat and are surfing you can put the center tab down to lengthen the wave. It can also help to get up to speed or get on plane if the boat is struggling. 

If water is choppy and you're running across the lake you can also use the center trim tab to help smooth out the ride as it won't let the bow "slap" and will force it to stay down. 

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