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slappers vs plates on a 2012 F21 Tomcat

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I know this subject has been discussed a ton. Probably to much, but I made the decision to make some wake plates only because I saw them on so many boats including all the fairly new and new MB boats. How could they not work! Well If anyone is thinking of trying them on a 2012 F21 I can tell you they don't work at all. I didn't buy them I made them but they are an exact dimensional copy. the pictures show what I made. All I get out of them is a decrease in wake height and a washy wake. They push the bow down too. I've tried stock ballast all the way up to 800LBS bags that the boat couldn't even pull. I bought a suck gate and what a difference! A great wake lots of push. don't need tons of extra ballast. Kids are loving the wake.

Anyway I have given up on the plates and am now going to make some slappers as I should have all along. The picture shows a wooden mockup of what I will build. my question is about what angle do they need to be deployed at or how far do they need to stick out and is 14" long slapper enough?  I've been looking but haven't found the info I'm looking for yet. Thank for any help you can give me.


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Just found MidnightMax's post that has the info I was looking for. says 22" 24" length for slappers and 20 to 24 degree deployment. That seems so long but sounds like he knows what he is talking about so I'll make some longer slapper mockups and get to work. 

Thanks to MidnightMax posting his work.

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