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Do I need a surf pipe/FAE?


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I've never done much surfing on my boat but just recently had a friend come in town who really wanted to surf. He had a Liquid Force Mega Wake Shaper that we used and it put out a pretty good wave with just the stock (1800 lbs) ballast, a full tank of gas and 5 people in the boat. I was thinking of picking one of them up so I could have the option to surf in the future but one thing I was thinking about while we were riding was the exhaust. How necessary is it to have an FAE / surf pipe?

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It isn't necessary, but it is a significant upgrade.  Reduces noise behind the boat a LOT, inside the boat a noticeable amount, and obviously reduces exhaust for the surfer.  That said, we surfed behind our 2016 without one for two years and it was fine.  

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