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2016 B52 Surf Step

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I have a seen a ton of threads stating that the swim step really impacts the wave. I have noticed my wave isn’t as good as most of the photos I’ve seen. My wave at some point can be a decent size but is very messy.

I’ve done all kinds of ways to fill tanks and what seems to make the biggest wave I do full hard ballast half full locker sacs and a 200 pound fat sac at the bow.

Any suggestions?

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Improving the quality of your boat's wake can be a bit of trial and error, but there are some common factors and adjustments that can help you achieve a cleaner and bigger wake. Here are a few suggestions based on common practices:

1. Ballast Configuration

  • Even Distribution: Make sure your ballast is evenly distributed. Uneven weight can lead to a messy wake.
  • More Weight in the Rear: While you mentioned that half-full locker sacs work well, you might want to try adding more weight to the rear. This often helps create a bigger wave.
  • Bow Weight: Adding weight to the bow, like your 200-pound fat sac, helps to lengthen the wave and smooth it out. You could try experimenting with more weight at the bow.

2. Speed and Trim

  • Speed: Ensure you are going at the optimal speed for your boat. Generally, this is around 10-12 mph for wake surfing.
  • Trim Tabs/Plate: If your boat has trim tabs or a trim plate, try adjusting them. Lowering the trim tabs can help smooth out the wave.

3. Swim Platform

  • Impact on Wake: The swim platform can affect the wake. Some boats have detachable or adjustable swim platforms that can be moved up slightly to reduce their impact on the wave.
  • Modification: If your swim platform is fixed and seems to be causing issues, you might consider modifying it or consulting with a professional about potential adjustments.

4. Wake Shaper Devices

  • Wake Shapers: Using a wake shaper can significantly improve the wave quality. These devices are designed to create a cleaner and more consistent wake. They attach to the side of your boat and help displace water to form a better wake.

5. Hull Design and Conditions

  • Hull Type: The design of your boat's hull can also impact wave quality. Some boats are better suited for wakeboarding or wakesurfing than others.
  • Water Conditions: Choppy or windy conditions can also affect the quality of your wake. Try to find the calmest water possible.

6. Regular Maintenance

  • Clean Hull: Ensure that the hull of your boat is clean and free of any algae or debris. This can affect how smoothly the boat moves through the water and, consequently, the wake.

7. Consult the Community and Experts

  • Forums and Groups: Engage with wakeboarding and wakesurfing forums or local groups. Other enthusiasts often share useful tips and tricks specific to your boat model.
  • Professional Advice: Sometimes, getting advice from a professional or even a custom ballast setup from a wakeboarding shop can make a big difference.

Experimenting with these adjustments should help you achieve a cleaner, bigger wake. It might take some time to find the perfect configuration for your specific boat and conditions, but these steps should set you on the right path.

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