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  1. No bold commands are allowed in subject lines.
  2. All ads should be placed in ONE appropriate forum. 
  3. All items MUST be priced!
  4. You MUST have valid contact information to sell on MBBoatowners.com
  5. No auctions (or links to auction sites), either in an ad or redirecting a buyer to an auction site, via IM or email, unless specifically authorized by Site Administrators. Accepting higher than stated prices for an item is considered 'taking bids' and is not allowed. If receiving a higher than advertised price is important to you, list your item on an auction site. Moreover, "Or Best Offer" is understood on the forum to mean best offer up to the listing price, not best offer above the listing price.
  6. No links to other commercial sites except by approved site partners.
  7. Absolutely no stomping on other peoples' posts! Do not remark in any way that would negatively impact the sale of someone's merchandise. Do not post comments or opinions in threads. 
  8. No posting of anything illegal. Including trademark infringements, such at knock-offs and clones that bear the trademark of the original company.
  9. Do not delete ad text or subject lines.  Leaving the subject lines and prices intact allows others to search items out and gauge current market value.
  10. Don't use a secondary "shill" account to ask a phony question or post any other messages. This will result in BOTH accounts being locked!
  11. Sellers must not post items for sale that you do not have in their possession. Also, do not list items for sale unless you are 100% positive that you wish to sell them.
  12. No sales for third parties. If your "friend" wishes to sell here, he must take the time to open a separate account. Refrain from posting personal info in ads, such as phone numbers and email addresses.
  13. Sellers need to use their own photos to place into ads. If you cannot post pics of the actual item you are selling, then do not post pics. Do not use 'stock' photos sourced from the internet. If you use photohosting sites such as Tinypic that recycle URL's, you will be held responsible if your photo is changed at a later date to something prohibited by the rules here.



These for sale forums operate on honesty and integrity. If you cannot handle deals in an appropriate manner, don't post here. If you break our trust, it will be noted in feedback rating. Selling rights may be removed and/or your account here will be subject to termination.

All items listed for sale should be described honestly. Do not attempt to represent replica parts/products or cheap knockoffs as if they were Name Brand/OEM equipment! Do not knowingly sell defective products without acknowledging the defect. You must handle your transactions in a timely fashion. If you can't, don't buy it or sell it. And lastly, please maintain a reasonable level of civility. If a problem arises, don't immediately fly off the handle with threats & insults.



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