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Where to get replacement parts?


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I need to buy two replacement parts and wanted to see what you all recommend.  The light on the top of the tower is broken.  The bulb needs to be replaced and I assume it is covered by a plastic cap?  I also need to replace one of the posts that supports the bimini.  It is the one that extends from the front of the tower to the front of the bimini and is held onto the tower with a pin.  Can I buy these from MB or do I need to get them somewhere else?


Lastly, I need to touch up a few chips on the trailer.  Is regular automotive touch up paint good for this?

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Just in case anyone else needs the parts I did, MB put me in touch with the suppliers.  I'm sure they can change from time to time so probably best to verify with MB first, but for bimini parts they put me in touch with DB Upholstery.  They were very helpful and shipped to part out quickly. http://www.dbupholstery.com/


For the plastic light cap at the top of the tower Star One Wake Accessories, http://www.staronewake.com/index.html.

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On 3/7/2021 at 1:36 PM, Denise Matko said:

I have a dash panel that is not legible any more. It is on the right where the ignition switch is , horn , etc.  where can I get a new silver panel that has the readings under the button switches?

I have a customer boat  that has the same issue. Was this resolved

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