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This is really a two part question on Perfect Pass.  Boat is 2008 220V with PP Digital Pro.  It's generally me surfing with my wife driving.  As I add more weight to the boat she says the PP is all over the place.  I experienced it first hand last weekend when I was finally at the wheel pulling other riders.  I know there are some tuning options that should help as the boat gets heavier.  Has anybody successfully tuned theirs and have some recommendations on settings?


Second part of the question is will the GPS upgrade remedy all of this and hold a speed even under heavily weighted surfing?


Thanks for the help! 

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In my prior boat I had the non-gps PP (can't remember which model) but I found it more reliable and consistent if I mated it to the RPM's rather than speed.  It struggled with consistently reading speed and being accurate.  I didn't spend any time trying to tune it so maybe one of the others on the forum can address that.


My boat now has the GPS PP and I don't have any of the problems you've described.  We only surf though so my speeds are right around 11 with heavy ballast.  The speed we set the PP to and the actual speed are always off a little but the PP maintains a good, consistent speed and is easily adjusted up or down by a push of the arrow buttons.

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