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Bilge Replacement


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Had my boat docked this weekend, came back the next morning and found the bilge light was on, but the switch was not engaged and the bilge was not on. Flipped the bilge switch a few times and nothing happened, and once i pulled the drain plug after trailering, the light turned off. Pretty sure I need to replace the bilge pump, I have the S500 Sahara pump which came with my 2013 F21. 


Anyone ever changed their's? Looks like it would be a simple plug and play after buying a new pump, which is only about $40. 

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It's as straightforward as it seems... If you have a multimeter bring it with you. I would check for 12v at the pump when you engage the switch before pulling out the old pump. 


Just to verify it is the pump that died, and not a electrical connection/wiring problem. 

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You definitely dodged a bullet there! Finding the bilge light on with the switch off is a cause for concern.  Sounds like your bilge pump on that 2013 F21 might be kicking the bucket. 

Replacing the S500 Sahara pump shouldn't be too tricky – from what I've seen online, it seems like a pretty straightforward swap. Here's what I'd do:

1. **Double-Check the Fuse:** Before you grab a new pump, there's a slight chance it could be a blown fuse. Check your owner's manual to find the bilge pump fuse location and verify it's not toast.

2. **New Bilge Pump Time:** If the fuse is okay, then yeah, a new pump is likely the solution.  The good news is, like you said, the S500 Saharas are affordable, and replacing it sounds like a plug-and-play job. 

Here are some additional things to consider:

* **While you're at it:**  Since you'll be messing around with the bilge pump anyway, it might be a good idea to check the bilge pump hose and any connections for wear or cracks. 
* **Take your time:**  Even though it seems simple,  don't rush the replacement.  Take your time to ensure everything is properly connected and secure before putting the boat back in the water.

There might be some resources or videos online specific to F21 bilge pump replacement. You could try searching for "[F21 bilge pump replacement]" to see if anything pops up. 

Good luck with the swap! 

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