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I now have all my parts to install my trim tab. Anyone have opinion's on where to mount the switch for the best access and ease of install.  It's a single factory Lenco switch.


FYI: Do not mount your Fat Sack switches where mine are!!! to easy to bump and fill or empty without noticing until your hear water pumping over board or the boat leans way to much to the wrong side. Instead of moving the switches I'm wring it to my spare Aux switch to power the lower switches. 


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I don't remember which other switch I took out but I took out the two factory acc switches of yours aren't used. Slappers up top and trim tab on bottom


Great Idea! I do have a ASSY switch in the lower left that is not being used and does not light up so I'm guessing there is no power to it yet. Is the only way to access that panel is to remove the screws from behind? I do not see screws on the outside to fasten the switch panel. Maybe bolts with nuts on them?

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I put mine right behind the throttle.  I like it there because I'm often adjusting the trim when my hand is on/near the throttle, to accomodate varying choppiness.


Here's a photo from when I just installed it (very nervous with the jigsaw there) and a grainy one from more recently.






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