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Pressurized side is hot which is the down fall and my short houred seal is leaking so that's a fail... My thought is as long as any water comes from the tranny line which like you said Shawn is not pressured will still drip some cold water to the inside which is better than nothing since it still functions while capped off completely.

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That's where the dealer put it. It's on the pressure side of the impeller. Maybe engine oil cooler? Definatly a oil cooler of some sort.


Ahhh... I'm thinking PCM, where tranny cooler is on suction side.  For those of you with indmar or other with tranny cooler after raw water pump that makes more sense.

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Finally got this finished up. Big thanks to oldsmobiledriver for explaining things to me and letting me call him when I had questions. First time I've worked on a boat so it's a big help. Here are pics of the cooling line. Is this where yours is Mucker?









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Is that line heat rated high enough?



High enough for the water temp or do I have it too close to the catalytic converter? There weren't too many options to secure the line.


No. Mine is off the oil cooler just below that. There is a pipe thread port there. It's being cooled right off of the impeller with cold water

So you didn't need the T fitting? I didn't notice a port there. Just a hard plastic line.

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I don't think it's rated, but it came with the seal and the instructions say to install it on the pressure side of the pump. That's really the first place after the impeller that I could splice the T fitting. I could route the clear tube over the intake manifold, but there isn't much to secure the line to.

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