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Does anyone on here ride hydrofoils? I saw that one screen name was SkySki, but that could mean a multitude of things. I have 3 sit down hydrofoils and 1 stand up that I will need to store on the boat. Does anyone have experience with what racks work and ones to stay away from. I realize that Samson makes a nice rack and I have the racks that Gergler makes on the FoilForum, but was wondering if there was a direct interchange for the stock rack. The problem with the hydrofoils is you need a brace for the strut/t-bar, you can't just slide it into a wakeboard rack and call it a day. 

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I had Gergler adapt my MB/Skylon racks to fit his arm and forks. I sold my boat a few months back so I am not on here much. I sent my forks and backing plate to Gergler so he could have a template. It was a decent setup, but I was a little unimpressed with the material he used on his fork for padding. There should be pictures on here of my setup. If not, send me a PM and I will show you what I had.

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