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F21 wakeboard wake


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Went wake boarding for the first time on the 15 f21. Stock ballast full, cav plate all the way down. The lip of the wake was quite white washed. What are all of you running. It was a really choppy day so that could have been the reason as well

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What speed? Full ballast likes 22-23, which is where riders that need full ballast like to run anyway. I can get pics in a few days. I don't have a cav plate. If I did I would put it all the way up and drop it just enough to clean up the wake, which would vary based on load and conditions.

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When I first got my 2016 F21 I had to use full down cavitation plate to get up to speed, then raise it once on plane. The stock prop would take a while to get to speed with full ballast, but it worked. I propped down for surfing and now don't even touch the cavitation plate while wakeboarding, other than to ensure it is fully raised.


Bottom line, cavitation plate full up while wakeboarding will give you an awesome wake around 22-23 as previously stated.



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