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B52 21 Wake


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Hey guys need some help dialing in my wakeboard wake. Any suggestions on setup for a 16 (or other year) B52 21 WB. Most of the people i take out are not advanced and i am looking to run around 20mph ish or even slower at times and cant seem to clean up the wake. (always seem to be washed out on one side) It cleans up nicely but at 23-24 mph and its a bit fast for our liking. Any help would be great! Thanks!  

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Tomcat guy here, but should be fairly similar. If you have a cavitation plate, make sure it is fully up. More importantly, these deep V's are quite weight sensitive laterally. If you have wash on one side and not the other, shift weight a bit toward the clean side. If you can't get them both cleaned up, you need to either lighten the load or speed up.


If they are fairly new, I assume you aren't running ballast? If so, try without... Should help.



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In stead of asking people to move around, I'll usually fill the ballast 1/4 or so full. Once underway I'll dump water on the non-washed out side until it cleans up.

I do the same... I also run bow weight, even with the stock ballast empty. It'll clean up the wake at low speeds (or allow you to run at 80ft at high speeds). I run about 5-800lbs in the bow but I have a '15 B52 23 so I'd imagine you would probably need 3-500 lbs. This was a suggestion from a member on here for me and it's made a huge difference. "Messing around" I'll run 500lbs in the bow with no stock ballast weight, full center tab and 22.3mph at 70-75ft and it's great. I'd say it stays clean at slower speeds as well.

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