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2007 F23 Tomcat Wakeboard wake


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Hey Guys!, been trolling the site for awhile now and finally can post trying to decide which boat to pull the trigger on... found a good deal on a boat locally (florida) Boat has the 5.7 PCM which will be fine for 50-120' above sea level with a acme 2079 prop :) MB's are very hard to find on the east coast. its a older F23 Tomcat (2007) searched the site and cant really find much concerning the wakeboard wake behind this boat everyone seems to rave about the F21/F22 but those are like finding diamonds......looking for input. Thanks in advance. 


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I sometimes ride a wakeboard but am not a wakeboarder by any means  B). But I think my 2012 F-23 wake is pretty darn good.


Here are a couple shots


no ballast, 21 MPH





Full 2400# ballast, 400# in the nose, 23 MPH











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looks awesome guys, anybody slam one of these older ones with 3k plus ballast ??? can they handle it im able to ride up to 25-26 mph and 80' rope if need be to accommodate the weight. really wanted a newer f21 but this fell in my lap right in the back yard. and seems like in pristine condition  

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We have done a full load (8) of people full ballast and a 750lb sac in the middle and 2 85lbs in the front. It kicks a good wake but it takes a bit to plane out, but we are also at 4000 ft above sea level. We have the Acme 2079, which helps a lot up here in the high elevation, but we are still considering adding a trim tab to help out. 


You shouldn't have that much of an issue at sea level.

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