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"Props" to Jeff @ Aqua Sports Marine

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With the lack of rain in Michigan this summer, my lake is down about 14 inches from when the season started.  Needless to say, a stump damaged my prop recently.  I didn't realize how bad it was until this past Sunday morning as I headed out wake boarding with 5 people in the boat ready and eager to get a set in.  After a slow 15 minute roll out to the main section of the lake, I put the boat in gear and there was all kinds of horrible vibration.  I made a U-turn, and 5 unhappy campers slow rolled back to the dock.


I sent my dealer (Jeff Nichols @ Aqua Sports Marine in Fenton, MI) a quick text asking if he thought an old spare prop from my previous boat would work as a quick fix.  Jeff went above and beyond and hooked me up with a prop puller and a spare prop until mine was fixed.  THAT IS INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR A SUNDAY MORNING.  


I got home and opened up the prop puller kit and there was a shiny new prop off one of the new MB's he had at the dealership.  I couldn't bring myself to put it on my boat and risk damaging it, though.


For any other Michiganders out there who might be wavering back and forth between another dealership and Aqua Sports Marine, you won't find customer service like that besides Jeff & his staff at ASM.


Jeff will have all my future business for sure.  Hopefully my wife lets me buy another boat ;)


Thanks again

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Dude, MB has some of the best dealers in Michigan. 


I had a similar experience on the other side of the state:  Clickey


Everything mechanical is going to break eventually; its how you're supported by the dealer towards resolution that makes the difference.  Most of the time these forums, by nature, just deal with complaints and problems regarding manufacturers and dealers; its nice to read about outstanding service and support. 


Thanks for sharing.


With this rain we've had the last 4 days, your lake should be up a bit now. :D

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Pontiac Lake did go up about 3 inches in the last week - thankfully, we got some rain.


I know 14 inches doesn't sound like much, but the deepest my lake gets is about 33 feet.  I've got about a 15-20 minute voyage out to the main section of the lake at idle speed where the average depth is about 3 ft.  from what i understand, much of the lake was man made and i have to go through what used to be farm land.  when the water drops, it gets scary because all of the stumps - just when you think you know all the danger spots, your prop finds another one.

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