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2017 Exile Build Begins: B52 23

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Last year I had a lot of amazing help from MB putting together a very special boat. The Pearl White was the first they'd  shot and it turned out awesome. I spent a lot of time in the details to build a boat that would represent both Exile and of course MB out there on the water. I was really surprised how many people came up to me and said how they had followed the build from the start. It was a really fun build!


This year we are going to try and raise the bar!!!! I want to build the ultimate MB. For those of you that I've personally reached out to and asked for your opinions I truly appreciate your insights. These damn builds can be incredibly complicated. Details details details, right?


I'll feed everyone pictures as they become available. Your comments and input are always appreciated!


This boat will debut at the Portland January boat show.





Today the trailer got locked down:



Here's another picture



Spec'd as follows:


Triple (with 3 axle brakes)
Bow Stop Standard
Bow Step: 2 step ladder with tongue
Fender Option: Fender with Valence
Jack: Fulton F2 single wheel Jack
Lights: Surface mount LED lights
Lights (runway): Blue
Mats: None (Custom Gator Mats in the plan)
Spare Tire Assembly: 18” side mount
Transom options
Transom Step
S/S Retractable Transom
Winch: Standard
Wheels: Mayham 8030B
Trailer Color: Gloss Black
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Some more pics...   Hull Logo's in RGB   Engine Vents in RGB Tower - Left   Tower - Left other view   Tower - Front

Trailer arrived at MB today. Thanks to Blake for the snap!     Triple Mayhem 18"s look #awesome  

I know everyone is itchin for an update----  Here's one. Mounts for 7 amp install.   1 XM30.2 > 1 pair towers 2 XM30.2 > 1 pair towers 3 XM30.2 > 1 pair towers 4 XM15.4 > 2 pair 6.5 +

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Very cool, love the runway lights option. I like the built in steps in front too, I added mine after purchase, the boat is too damn tall to get into on the trailer. Can't wait to see the plans for this one. Whatever happened to the lighted rub rail that was supposed to be on the current boat? And what is becoming of the current boat, selling outright?

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LED Rail on the white build was a problem because of the end / corner caps that MB uses to hold down the factory rail. For the '17 build, I have designed my own caps that will be "printed" to accept the larger radius of the LED Rail. Denis at Pure audio will be installing the whole system start to finish. Current boat is gone to a new home in Las Vegas this last week!  I actually visited this weekend for some surf fun!

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@OJ  I decided to go triple on the trailer because I do a lot of towing. Last year I put a lot of miles on the trailer and I think the boat is heavy enough to justify more axles (and brakes) for that matter. It'll ride better, looks wow, and adds more stability on the road. I think MB has really stepped up its game by offering Boatmate trailers as part of their offering for 2017.


Do I need the bow step ladder, runway lights, surface mount led brakes lights, two tone trailer paint and custom gatorstep pads? No-- not really but it sure will be cool :)

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My boat mate is almost 5 years old. Might only have 2500 miles on it and sits outside under trees. I had to replace the front rails due to loading the boat with the bow bag full too many times but the quality of the trailer and the paint shows they're well built compared to other trailers I've had. Including "quality" car haulers

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Shout out to The DonFather for making a special trip over to MB and picking up all the metal parts for me. Going to get these babies dialed in with some custom HydroDip and Powder coating > then back to MB for install as the boat gets built. 


#nextlevel #zerochromeonthisboat



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Hi Brian


Looks good Sir. I have both the the runway lights (White) and the front steps on my trailer. Both are must have in my mind. One more option you may want to add is a second under trailer spare tire mount for those long trips. If BoatMate standard winch is a Fulton F2 I would have that removed it's very poorly designed. I had one and it failed in less 6 months - replaced with XLT winch. One last item I don't see as an option or a standard feature is Prop Cage rollers.

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Those guys at Pure Audio always got fun stuff going on don't they!


So about this trailer--- I've gone back and forth about the 2 tone. The Entire boat is going to be BLACK PEARL with ghosted graphics. I'm a bit worried that if i bling the trailer it'll take a way from the boat bling. Maybe better to opt for gloss black and Matte black out the fenders to go with some of the matte I'm doing on other area's of the boat? What you think?

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I really prefer satin black over matte. It is so much "blacker". Still doesn't shine but it just absorbs light. Here was one of my boats in satin black with gloss accents. The yellow just popped against the satin black. In full sun Matte can just get really dark grey.


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Hypper got me thinking.... Damn that satin looks Legit on that boat!


@lunchbox good point. My plan was to gloss black the whole trailer from the factory and then have my friends over at gator step wrap the fenders in a matte or satin black with custom gator step on the trailer. My thought was if it gets beat up over the year or so I have the boat then I could always pull the wrap off the fenders and re-apply or go gloss black on year to. In effect the matte just acting like colored fender guards.  Know what I mean?

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