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    • By JMARK
      Looking for some info on how everyone travels long distance . Boat cover on or off? Tower up or down?
      Thank you in advance for info!!
    • By astan
      I realize that I am posting on a MB Sports forum and I understand that some of the answers might be a little biased... But I really need some advice.
      Looking to buy a 2018 Boat. $80k~ Budget
      My time on water =
      70% wake surfing
      20% relaxing
      10% wakeboarding/ tubing etc..
      I want a 22 foot or larger. I hear 21 foot boats tend to have a little more difficulty with wake surfing / water displacement.
      I have looked at every option out there and I have talked to several dealers.
      I have a fantastic Malibu, Supreme, Centurion and MB Sports dealer right in my area. So these brands appeal to me a little more..
      I want a good out of the box wake surfing boat. I don’t want to add ballasts (like I did with my previous boats) or heavily modify my boat. I am spending a ton of money and I want for it to be right from the start.
      Any opinions out there on what I should look at?
      I am highly considering a Tomcat F22 (due to price, looks and being a local west coast company) but the other day I went and looked at a Malibu NXT22 which also looked great! The dealer told me that It would be just a matter of time before I upgraded to a Malibu... and that I would “like” my MB but not “Love” it. (I know they were trying to sell a boat but maybe they were right?)
      I have watched countless videos on performance and quality. I just want real owner experience. Is MB the way to go?? Please help!!
    • By mbalsiger
      Well, I was finally able to arrange a boat demo, however it is for a Supreme 226 
      It will be interesting to see the wave this thing puts out and to be able to compare it to the WB 23 if PSBC ever gets their s@#t together and gets one in to demo….

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