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2008 MB B52-V23 Buyers advice needed

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Hey all,


New to the forum and come looking for some advice.  What do you all think about this boat?  




It is in my price range.  Odd to me that it doesn't come with a trailer but I have a few feelers out trying to find one.  I currently own a Tige 20' and am looking to step to something bigger.  We want to wakeboard and surf.  Will this boat surf well?  Any videos out there of others surfing a 2008ish B52 V23?  


Any advise on the MB brand?  I know they are smaller but where do they stack up against others like Malibu, MasterCraft, Tige, and Nautique?  

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Our first MB was the twin to the boat you are looking at.  We enjoyed it for 2 seasons before moving into a '12 model 23'.  The '08 won't surf quite as well as the '12's will, but with the info the Donfather pointed you to, you have hours of fun on the water.  The price seems a little above where it should be, especially without a trailer, but perhaps that's just the market in the great northwest. 


Good luck in your search!

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