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choosing the right board

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I rode a 144 bandwagon when they first came out. Personal I did not like it. It seemed real slow to me. Felt like It was dragging.


Try to find someone with one he can try first.


That being said. I come from a different wakeboard background. I rode wakeskates way back when. So I like a really slippery loose feel board. That is why I rode Company when they were around. Now I have ridden s

Slingshot for years. I am currently riding Slingshot Nomad since it came out and love it. Oh and I ride it finless

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Hey all,


Im looking at a ronix band wagon(purely off the cool look lol)


my son is 100 lbs and i am 170. There is a 136 cm length and a 144 cm length available, 


which one should i choose? 


You'll need 2 boards with the big of a difference in your weight. The 136 will be to small for 170#. You'll sink in to the water more and there will be a lot of drag.


I don't really know the Ronix brand but if you have a budget let me know and I can help you find something.


If you're going to the MB meet up in Shasta let me know. I'm sure I have something that would work for your son I would forward on :)

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Yea, Im impatient and ended up buying the 144 this morning lol, and it looks huge and way advanced for me. But Ive only wakeboarded a  few times, so i feel like i wont really notice a difference. 


When i researched online a few folks said bigger is better when learning in terms of ease of getting up out of the water. If the bindings are too wide of a stance for my son i will probably just end up getting him a different one.


To be honest I only wanted it because i liked the graphic on it lol. Im basic


Thanks guys! I'll review it when i get to use it. 

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Here a couple of good videos on select wakeboards and bindings. I would say the most important person you get the correct fit for is your son. You don't want him to get frustrated and not have a great time on the water. Recently we were out with a family trying to get their son ready for his first WWA Wakeboard competition. The board he was riding on was way too big for him and you could see how frustrating it was just landing a simple trick. We switched out his board and saw an immediate improvement in his riding! Ronix makes some of the best boards out there but it's important to find the correct fit with both the board and the bindings. 


One last recommendation is to see if you can find a local wakeboarding school or camp. Here in California one of the best choices is West Coast Camps (link Below).


Have a great summer! Let me know if you have any questions.






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Thanks gary,


Yea this board i got was the 144 may be too big for me according to this video. I just liked the way it looked lol. I will definitely be getting the boy his own after picking up this bandwagon ronix. Its huge and really wide. 

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