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The New 24 thread, finally proper pics!

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How dare we have a discussion after all the money spent and sleepless nights just for us? Is this real life? Kind of feels like the drama zone. It's a fucking boat being built to make a profit. Someda

Starting the first 24 tomorrow. We are stoked to get this project off the ground

Stopped by GatorStep and the Exile shop today   huge news on the horizon...cant tell...don't ask...not telling   Also went by Target and Ace Hardware....even huger shit going down there...cant sha

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What's with these ridiculous posts I see sometimes? I never open any of the links but good grief, is there anywhere we can go where scammers and hackers dont try to ruin your tech!?

You don’t click on the links? That’s where all the information for the new boat is. I found pictures, videos, specs, some blueprints, a detailed break down of all the changes with cad schematics. You’re missing out. I think one of them even had a sign up to win the first production run. Also towels. You’re really missing out.




Disclaimer: Please don’t click on the links. You’ll get computer herpes.



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