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The New 24 thread, finally proper pics!

The Donfather

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thats a big boat -- look how tall it is. prop looks bigger too.


price point will be interesting. If competing with supra, nautique etc, they will have to go to a legit touch screen and other features =  +$$$$$

Wasnt the original price talk lower than a loaded b52? For some reason i remember like 125K with the 575.... 

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How dare we have a discussion after all the money spent and sleepless nights just for us? Is this real life? Kind of feels like the drama zone. It's a fucking boat being built to make a profit. Someday. Don't forget we are a very small group of customers who push the brand very hard, for nothing, purely for the love of our boats. We tie up and talk about mb, we trailer and talk about mb, we anchor and talk about mb, we go to the boat show and talk about mb. We even want to buy and wear mb gear, mb doesn't care enough to make any, but if someone wants to make an mb beach towel for 0 profit to share with this small group mb finally cares. Enough to shut it down. So what exactly do we owe MB for building boats again?


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True words

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I just say we all wait patiently until the boat is complete and ready for production.


The only picture I have seen is the above.

I have definitely heard talk about the new design

Functionality, Size, and the must important thing

"The Wave.


And we all know the quality of our MB Boats.



Bosshog is doing this the right way!

Don and all his teasing and Hype is definitely funny. These keeps us all interested on whats going om with the forum.



BOSSHOG and his team of designs and boat owners are going to nail it!

This will hopefully be the biggest badest thing BOSS has ever built.



My hopes are


Reasonably priced.

All options.

And the biggest badass wave ever.

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$125K for a loaded B52 w/575?  -- thats insane! I'd be real surprised if sell price on this new boat is below $125K - but that just a guess at this point - we don't know how its going to finish out and what features it may have.

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I was told at the boat show that there won’t be optional equipment. They will come loaded and a 575. Not sure of the MSRP but they expected to sell for the $125 range. I also asked about the dash and was told larger screen and color but only information like existing dash. Still have switches. That’s a lot of boat with a supercharged 575 for $125k! We will see if those number and dash design make it to the finished product.

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Starboard Surf tab didn’t retract, I’m guessing electrical issues.


See Don......

It would be so much easier to give the people what they want so they don’t have to resort to all this slander


Just chuck some bread to the peasants!!!!!

Well this dude is all jacked up!

Travels with his tabs disconnected from the actuators lol


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I'm a giant MB fan and advocate. I really want this to be a success. If I think its ugly, its just one guys opinion. My kid thinks it looks cool. I see the deeper walk through I wanted, It looks to have a shit ton of free-board and that center tab is massive.

I think there was so much hype around it, it was very hard to live up to. I expected it to have an angular modern look.  This is very organic, it actually looks a lot like a whale from the side. totally opposite of what I expected.  For $125K I need to have an instant positive reaction to the lines of the boat. These boats cost too much for me not to get a chubby every time I see it sitting in the driveway like I do with my B52. I drop that bad boy at the ramp and and its a head turner.

I hope that when its all put together, I like it better and the surf wave is so amazing, I can't not like it.

My gut is that I'm not alone in being put off by the weird lines and that will translate to a very limited market.

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