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Official June photo thread!

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I have two runs out on the Doomswell Nubstep. I also have an Area 51. I am still leaning towards loving my Area 51! The doomswell does ride slightly different but I haven’t removed any fins to play with the ride yet. Time will tell. Glad it was on sell and not full price is my feeling at this point!

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New Gatorstep installed. From Grey to black!

June has been a very, very good month. Builder got started on the winter home for the new boat.

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Here she is...drove down and picked up the new boat. Cant write up the whole story but it was a little nail biting for me at times. The 2500 mile road down from AK is not advised for towing beautiful boats. Long story short, took a loss on the trade in by the time I got it there. New boat is beautiful. Asked to take it to the lake for a trial run to make sure it was good before I took it to alaska with no dealer to work on it and it soon sounded like it was running on 4 cylinders, opened up engine bay and it was half under water! Dang band clamp on ballast hose broke and water just flowing in . They fixed it and changed the oil just in case (hope nothing else will be effected by the amount of water that came in). Decided against towing it home after what happened to my trade in I brought down. Coordinated getting it on a barge to send home the next day after I picked it up...towed it down to Seattle and put it on a barge...all in all, I hope it works out, those changes cost me some extra coin but at least boat will be perfect. Cant wait for barge to get here so we can get it up to the lake.





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