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What and where are you guys running your subs? My stock set-up, behind the captain\'s seat mounted in the fiberglass (stock V23 set up). Anyway I think the sub is blown! It now sounds like a light rattling vibrating mess. I was thinking, under the dash in the large area where my feet go. I think I could put a pretty good size box and sub down there easily. Has anyone had issues with the stock sub set-up?

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The factory woofer behind the drivers seat is still working fine and hooked up with the rest of the interior speakers. When just hanging out listening at low volumes it sounds great but when we turn things up and crank the tower speakers it just didn\'t keep up. That\'s when I added the additional 2 12\'s under the dash




With those being pushed by another 2k watts you can feel us coming :) One thing about that box is it does take up all the space under the dash, I can and still need to redesign it a bit so it fits about 6\" farther back but it hasn\'t been that big a deal yet so it hasn\'t gotten high enough on the priority list.

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