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New binding technology


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I’m kind of curious what y’alls Thoughts are on new binding technology. Obviously boots have come along way. I’m sure many of you will remember the old bungee straps. Then it was the foam and rubber open toes, held your feet in much better, but when the rubber surface got wet it would still allow your foot to come out. but each year they seem to be getting more like snowboard boots, seemingly No real way for the foot to exit from the boot. Is this safe? Do we throw safety out the window for board control? Is there a boot on the market that still hold your foot firmly, but allows it to release in the event of a hard crash?


Full disclosure all of this is stemmed from a discouraging ride last night… My buddy just got some new Ronix one boots, and came up a little short on a new trick and snapped his tibia and fibula, seemingly snapped right over the top of the boot. It’s nights like those that make me realize why I bought a surf boat, but I still love to Wakeboard.

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Tough call really. The new boots are very nice though. I just purchased the ronix one boots and they have been good. I do leave mine a tad loose for that reason tho.  I had a purple foot for weeks end of season last year from my boot ripping out. But might have been worse had I stayed in them, who knows.

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What you described is exactly what happened to me.  I started riding in the early 2000's and had Hyperlite Belmont's and Park's books.   The foam and rubber style with the Option 2 strap.  I never had an injury in them and popped out of the binding on occasion.


In 2017 I decided to upgrade to the Ronix One boots. They are much lighter weight and feel very comfortable. I was attempting a HS 360 and over rotated.  When I crash landed the binding did not release and I fractured my fibula.  If my foot could have slid out this would not have happened.  I've gone back to my old Parks bindings for now because of this.  I like the new boots, but don't want to get injured again. 

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