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pearl white gelcoat on F24

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We're ordering a new f24 and are in between solid white or pearl white for the exterior. The Interior is Diamond Honey and Khaki with Mocha piping and welt, Teak flooring. It's impossible to see the difference of the two colors online and my wife doesn't want it to have to much shimmer. Does anyone have a close up picture of the pearl white so we can better tell the difference? Thanks for your help/ input!

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Agree with Birddog!!  We have pearl white on our '17 24' Tom, and there are 2 times when it really makes a difference; up close in a very bright sunshine, and when you're trying to wipe off water spots.  It'll hide the spots better than the plain white, and helps you to see when you are successful in getting all the spots off.

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The plain white is good for an accent line


Pearl white is better for bigger panels. If she doesn’t like the metallic shimmer. The pearl is way more Mellow. You will get the best of both world . You get some color movement and she will be happy also.




Just my .02 cents

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