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Preston M.

Input on mounting fish finder.

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Ok hear me out this is weird i know. I want to mount a garmin fishfinder/gps to my tomcat. The main reason is because they have the quick draw contour map that map out depths as you go. I do want the clearvu down imaging just because i could possibly pick up stumps if im creepin through before i hit them. The clearvu isnt absolutely necessary but kinda cool. Im not trying to spend a ton of money on this because im not going fishing, but my home lake is constantly changing everytime we get a good rain. The sand bars are moving constantly along with the stumps from hurricanes and storms. They also have the water 3ish ft low to work on the dam which is supposedly going to be done in 2-3yrs. If the level was up i probly wouldnt be thinking about doing this so much.

All the garmins in the lower price range with these features come with transom mounts or trolling motor mounts. My initial idea was to use the trolling motor mount on the strut, but looking closer at it i dont want anything that close to my prop, just seems like a bad idea. The thru hull transducer that i would use that has the clearvu is about 500 bucks which im not spending that much. One option is taking the bracket off the transom transducer and mounting it to the bottom of my center plate. I dont think it would screw my wave up very much, if at all because its pretty flat, and would be in the center. Couldnt be worse than a surf pipe. Now if i go with the traditional chirp, I could do a in-hull, and its only 120 bucks. That is def. The easiest route. The traditional chirp still has the quick draw map. Attached screen shots of the transom mount and in-hull.

What u guys think im open to ideas. Posted ImagePosted Image


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