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Time for a new Truck



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Well I have 200K on my 2015 Ram 2500. Its time for a new one. So 2020 Ford or Ram? Chevy/GMC are out for me. I do not like there front independent suspension.


The 2020 Ram interior is really nice, and love the big screen. Other than that all the running gear is the same.


The 2020 Ford interior is nice, but not as good as the Ram. The running gear has been updated to a  10 speed transmission, and upped the HP and Torque to 1050!


So let here your thoughts and pro and cons.




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 Current truck is a 2016 Ecoboost F150. Previous was a HD2500 6.0 liter.  Ford out does the Chevy night and day towing the boat.  I have no experience on the diesel platform.  But as with any brand there is no 100 customer satisfaction.  Go with your gut and you wont make the wrong decision!

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I have an ‘18 ram 2500 CC LB 6.4 hemi and it’s a hell of an improvement then my ‘08 ram 2500 SB. The 5 link rear suspension and the long bed makes it feel like a Cadillac compared to the shot bed leaf sprung rigs. It’s still a truck but the ride is sweet. Pulls my B52 with ease up and down the hills of our local lakes

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I have always had Fords since my first truck at 18.


My 2003 was a POS my 2006 was ok but had lots of issues at the beginning


I bought my GMC in 2018 It has 38k on her now. It has never seen the shop


Will be doing another GMC in 2030

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Between the two you have decided, Ram all the way. I currently still run my 06 2500 with the 5.9 Cummings. I have been toying with a new 19 or 20 ram myself but would like to pay the new boat off first. Thanks to Corona virus destroying my stock market profits, that's gonna have to wait awhile longer now. Good luck with your decision and post pics when you pull the trigger.

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id like to find a clean F250 or 350 with the last year of the 7.3. before the EPA wrecked diesels

I had a 03 F-350 single tire with that 7.3 in it. Great truck!!! But I drive to much for work now, that truck would have over 500K if I was still driving it.

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