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FAE GROUP BUY - (PROMO code MBSPRING active until April 5th)

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Hey everyone,

I spoke with Christina at FAE.  She has set us up with a group buy PROMO code that runs until April 5th.

Think of this as a "Quarantine" PROMO if you are looking to get out of the house... B)




Details are outlined below:


We have a surf exhaust for every MB, both dual and single exhaust outlet. Our Fresh Air Exhaust systems are the original surf exhaust, working to make boating safer and more enjoyable since 2004. With the FAE installed, you will experience reduced exhaust fumes (include carbon monoxide) by at least 90% and reduced engine noise, up to 50%. We are the cleanest and quietest exhaust system for every inboard boat! If your boat does not already have a Fresh Air Exhaust, now’s a great time to change that!


Everyone participating in the group buy can place their order online at www.FreshAirExhaust.com or by calling 512-647-7321.


When ordering, use promo code MBSPRING to be included in the group buy (cannot be combined with any other offer and is only available on direct, retail Fresh Air Exhaust orders). The group buy discount is $50 off each participating order. Once the group buy reaches 5 participants, the discount will increase to $75*. *Once the group buy reaches 5 participants, the first 4 participants will automatically have their discount increase to $75.


When checking out online, please note that no charge is automatically made to your card entered at checkout. Our team will follow up with each boat owner to verify details of the order and request measurements if necessary to complete the FAE build. Our typical turnaround time is one week.


Any questions can be directed to our team at mail@FreshAirExhaut.com or by calling 512-647-7321.

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Yes they do. It’s $40.00 more. 634429a19cff9e923c1aee4e8acbe321.jpg



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Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I was just wondering if anyone has a flapper on their existing FAE. It sounds like the flapper is just “piece of mind” insurance for back flow but not really required.


I ordered mine today without the flapper

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Last year Christina helped us out with the MB meet-up donating a Fresh Air Exhaust system for our fundraiser. The money raised went to Wake the World here in NorCal. Please support this awesome family owned business by upgrading your boat this spring!


Stay Safe,



Contact Info:

Christina Dubes

Fresh Air Exhaust

Hill Country Boardz, LLC



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You did an integrated FAE / Cav plate for your last boat right? Would you do that again?

Mine was an early one and the angle was too tight to keep the hose one. I’m pretty sure Jeff has that figured out now for single exhaust. My current boat has dual exhaust which he hasn’t figured out.

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