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When my rider falls I usually stop, turn and idle back. When my friends drive and I fall they do the old \"skier\" pick up where they turn fast and go back to the rider.


My problem is the boat doesn\'t want to turn (usually to the left)in the latter scenario. It is really strange! I have simulated the experience and find that I have to kill the power in order to bring control back to the turn. This is usually with pretty full ballast and perfect pass set to 23mph.


My boat is a V23. Is this a common nuance of the offset rudder on the MB? Anyone else experience this type of behavior?

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The first thing I would say is slow down on the turn. your just throwing a big wave across the whole lake. But for the turn I would check the rudder out of the water. Have someone in the boat and set it to what is straight, then have them turn it all the way to the right and then to the left and see if there is the same amount of turn. If it is different you may have an issue in the steering box.

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Yea, most all modern inboard have an offset rudder. Makes it super easy to pull the shaft without having to pull the rudder.


I think you have something strange going on with your steering cable/arm. The v23 is almost perfect side to side at any speed and I have never whitnessed any \"chine locking.\"


Then again I have only driven and broken in about 40 of them. ;)

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