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So I have the 2019 b52 and i chose the mid level stereo with 4 tower speakers.  On the 19 there was no option for speakers in the helm. I have struggled with finding a happy place for volume in the boat as well as for the surfer.  I have played with controls and have cabin speakers turned up all the way at the helm control and have towers turned nearly all the way up.  I have one tower facing forward at an angle towards driver seat to make it more pleasant for cabin riders to include driver.  Cabin speakers seem quiet to me and not super happy with setup.  Should I buy another two cabin speakers and new amp from MB (basically the top level package they offered) to have 2 towers facing forward at all times or cut in the dash and add helm speakers?   Also, are any of you finding ways to increase cabin speaker volume?  I know I should check the gains on amp and I think I did last summer when I got it and realized the cabin seemed quiet forward of the tower.  

Maybe I'm just being whiney but anyone agree or make changes for these reasons? 

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Your settings from the dealer are toned way down.  Go to the exile website and download the amp set-up sheet and adjust yours to match.  It will be a different system.  Also, add the speakers for the driver.  I've done it on my last 3 MB's and wouldn't have it any other way.  No need for a new amp, just run with your bow speakers.


The bummer on the '20s the changed location of the fuse panel so I could only run the 6".  In a 19 you should be able to run 8's to math the others.



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I have a 2016 - will have to see if my settings are as shown on that sheet!  I haven't messed with them from the factory.  Honestly, I think it sounds fine as it is but better is, well, better!

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