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Hoping someone could recommend a shop from Sacramento to Redding that they have had good luck with. We hit a submerged island last week and need some repairs done. Glad I have full coverage on it. I talked to West Coast Boat Center and the guy seemed super cool and knowledgeable but is booked till the beginning  of September. Read some bad stuff about Larson in Rancho and Harrison’s in Redding so I’m a little hesitant to take it to either one but it would be done before September they say. 

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I have a 2013. Your telling us Larson will no longer work on MB models period or just warrantied issues? If Larson no longer will work on MBs that is a deal breaker! All boats regardless of make or model require some form of repair work. Rocklin is a horrible place to get to with traffic from those of us living in the foothills of California. I know others on this forum have to travel 6-8 hours for their dealer however I live 2 hours away from Atwater (MB Factory)  but will have to drive 2 and half hours for repair work if I’m lucky depending on traffic ?  Larsen has two shops, West Coast 1.  That is ridiculous.  I’m extremely disappointed. 

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On 8/13/2020 at 9:20 PM, Bosshog said:

West Coast Boats in Rocklin will take care of you. Larson marine will no longer be able to service MB models

Not sure you have your info completely correct. Are you saying that you cant take a Ford to a chevy dealership for an oil change, or other diagnostic needs? Your comment right there means that I personally will not visit your store/dealership.  You can take your vessel anywhere you choose, warranties might be a different issue all together.  No rocklin for me in my future, the hunt for a stealership with just 1 honest person in the repair shop continues. 

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