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Prop?? Which one??

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I’ve read quite a few threads here on props but it seems they really didn’t fit our boats criteria. Most were for larger boat, bigger motors etc. Our boat is a 13’ f21 with the 350 and 4K ballast if filled all the way. Just got the bags and filled we could barley get to 10mph. Crew is usually small with my wife, me and usually a few kids. Current prop is 1235. I’ve been thinking of the 2775. I’m pretty sure I can fit a 15” prop. There is 1 1/8” from the prop to the bottom of the boat and 1 1/4” from the prop to the trailer. We mainly surf but also wakeboard a little and pull the kids on the tube. We usually stay under 30mph when heading out to our spot or back to the marina so I’m not too concerned with top end. Currently at surf speed (11-11.2) with stock ballast rpm’s are about 3000 and cruising speed (30mph no ballast of course) we are at 4000 rpm’s if that helps. This is all new to me and I appreciate the help. 

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I have a 2012 F21 and switched from the 1235 prop to the 2315. Can't be any happier with this upgrade and have the Ronix wave shaper. Slappers on next on the list for upgrades during the winter. Here is my set up at sea level.

If running the 1235 prop: 900 + 450 bag starboard and 900 + 450 bag port --- 11.5 mph @ 3800rpm

If running the 2315 prop: 900 + 450 bag starboard and 900 + 450 bag port --- 11.5 mph @ 3100-3200rpm

     Port side: 1/2 starboard internal + 450 bag starboard and 900 port internal + 450 bag port --- 11.5 mph

     Starboard side: Rarely surf that side but it is much cleaner not matter the configuration.

After reading a ton of posts for the older F21's you do not need to add that much weight to get a great wave. An extra 300-500 to each corner should be more than enough. You could try to fill the bags full and fine tune with internal ballast.


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Thanks for the advice. I was looking at the 2315 prop also. I didn’t really want the 850’s for the rear lockers but that’s all I could find. Probably will only fill them 1/2- 3/4 maybe. Also have a 500 bow bag. I’m trying to lengthen the wave and get a little more push. We are also near sea level. Maybe I will try the 2315. 

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