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LED light on over ballast port?

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This is my first post here, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I’m a new boat owner, bought a 2016 MB Sports F22, and I love it. Made a mistake today and launched it without the plug. When I noticed it, I screwed the plug in and the bilge pump pumped water out for about 30 min after. Now, on the back of the boat there’s an led light on above the ballast port on the right side (see pic). Can anyone tell me what this means? I don’t know if it’s connected to the plug mistake I made. The MIL light also came on, but I assume that will reset itself. The trailer is disconnected from my truck and the batteries are off, but the light is still on and is now flickering


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That's your underwater surf light.  It should be off it your batteries are turned off.  If it's flickering, I'm guessing your batteries are on, and just about dead.  Check the surf light switch on your dash (should be off, but it's probably in the on position.)  You also must have a problem with your port side surf light, as it should be on if the starboard side is on. 

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Well then, at this point about all you can do is dig down into the area below the floor (the access for the ballast valves should get you to the wiring area.)  Something is amiss because there is no way those lights should be on/ powered if your perko switch is in the off position. When you do find the issue, be sure to post what you've found so it becomes information for anyone else who might face a similar problem.  Good luck!

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Something not mentioned yet.... if that much water got in by leaving the plug out, you REALLY need do a few things before you run that boat again.

#1). check all your fluids to be sure they are not milky. Engine, trans & v-drive.... with the trans & v-drive being the ones most at risk since they sit low. If they are milky at all, you need to immediatly flush/replace the fluids, this requires changing several times to be sure all water is out. Suck out all fluid and put in new, then run it for a minute to circulate and then repeat. 3 times is probably the least you would want to do this if milky.... if you leave it sitting with water in there you will get corosion/rust pretty quick and it can also easily cost you full replacement if you run it like that for any amount of time. I think even if you dont find milky fluid I would replace all the fluids in all 3 anyway just due to the high moisture factor.

#2). Get fans running asap so you have air movement... this will dry out all the moisture primarily which is really important cause if you dont, things like your starter could seize up, you could get corosion at engine grounds which could lead to all kinds of electrical issues. Sounds like you may have gotten water in some of your electrical connections as well. Some of them will have "water proof" connectors but others may hold the moisture and cause gremlins that will haunt you. 

Its better to take the time to do it all now than to be beating your head against the wall later!

You may wanna figure out a process for the plug so you always remember... some people tape it too the steering wheel so they cant forget, etc. Good luck man, everyone has forgotten the plug at one point or another.

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