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2019 HRD Demo Boat finally home

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Couldn't help but notice how far back they have the boat numbers on it. Granted Mine they didn't even try they just slapped the registration sticker on it and called it good . Out of curiosity what is the load range on your tires. I notice mine were only c while my buddy with a f21 had load range d on the same rims. I took them off the moment he pointed them out and put on my 15inch ugly steel car trailer wheels.

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I was just curious on the tires . I need to start a new thread to ask other 23 owners with a boatmate trailer and  14 inch rims what load range their boats came with. I feel like mine is an oddball. For what it is worth I put my car trailer tires (15s with d range) under it and there is tons of space in the fenders still. It also helped a lot with any clearance issues going in and out of lousy parking lots. But back on topic. Congratulations on the new boat. I really like the  "classic" 23 in all white.

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