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MB interior symmetry failures - quality control issues on FB group

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It’s sad that they got out with those upholstery issues but I have heard that MB is fixing them in the off-season. I think there was such a rush to get boats out this year that some things have slipped through. I have heard the same about many Mfg this year. Some interior, some gel coat and other issues from other companies. I think COVID protocols are causing some production issues for everybody. 

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Its probably rushing to get the cash flowing that has cause a lot of manufacturers to just skip some of their typically quality control or let defects go because its good enough for now and some people will let it slide. Its good that people are bringing it up so it will get fixed sooner. Its less costly to fix on the front end. MB will make it right they make an awesome boat.

I thought it was interesting that it seemed like a little censorship was going on, but that doesn't surprise me on FB.

MB is the kind of company that would admit to an issue and say opps we missed a couple small things we are working on getting better and will get it fixed.

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