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So I feel bad treading all over JDhunt0's LED thread so I will start a new one here..


all this talk about Stereo's has me excited to start planning my re-install in the new boat.


would like to get some ideas from some of you guys on the later model MB's


Specifically: pics of multi amp installs, Under helm sub boxes, and equalizer installations (WW has some good stuff but I was hoping to see a few more MB's)

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Syn 6 running the 6 in boats and 2 of the Wet Sounds 10s. Syn 4 running 2 XS D12s. Syn 2 running a pro 485 ( will be upgraded to a rev 410 eventually) Syn 4 running a pair of rev 10s and a Syn 2 running a pair or Rwv 8s. Total power is going to be around 3650 watts.


Holy moly! What are you guys gonna do for batteries? Any idea on where to put the amps? Gonna build a hull-side amp rack?

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Batteries are a big question as of right now. We have an interstate SRM-29 and will be adding to that. My brother is supposed to sit down and figure out how many batteries we need. Figure we will just make them all SRM-29s.


The basic concept for the amps as of right now is 2 on each side of the dry storage on some sort of amp board with the syn 6 mounted at the front of the dry storage. I am sure everything will go through a couple revisions as things progress. You guys who have installed stereos know it rarely goes how you originally envision it on the install side!


Shawndoggy if you have any advice on batteries or amp mounting I am all ears. (really anyone with some ideas please send them my way)

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Here is mine. Going to change the box under the dash and thinking of adding 1 more amp and separating the 12's. i had more pic's but can not find them right now. Also i did a write up on here with pic's but the pic's do not come up now :(


Adam, I remember seeing your pics before too. I'd love to see the pics from the top, of both speakers. Trying to get an "eyeball" idea of where I'm going to drill some holes.

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