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I drove the green one but couldn't se e me having it in 5 years. Black and white with the red X. I'm trying to get pics up




Love this pic... Ha ha... Reminded me of when I brought my boat home...

Couldn't take my eyes off it in the rear view mirror...


Nice looking boat!! Congrats!

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I agree that is a great looking boat. the tint looks fantastic!


I have noticed a lot of the newer MB's have the Bimini stowed above and in front of the front tower legs. This seems like it would put a lot of stress on the bimini frame while going down the road. I flipped mine around and strapped it so that it hangs.





I do mine like yours except I flip the bimini boot around the other way so the straps go around the bimini poles rather than hanging the whole setup from the stitching between the boot and the straps.


Dunno if that makes sense, but basically in my scenario, the part of the bimini boot where the strap is sewn to the boot faces the floor rather than the sky.

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I don't mean to snoop around, but this bimini "tie up" question is one I have had since I've had my boat....It makes more sense to tie it down onto the tower, mainly for headroom and not having to swing it around when you want to put it out. But won't the logo be upside down (seems like that does not seem the way it is supose to be. ?? .


Also, I thought the straps were to short as well (seemed to tight)


I have plans to bring the boat out next week....I will try again.

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Just purchased my new boat from the Vancouver Boat Show. Looks like a sister boat to yours. So far since February, braving the weather in BC Canada and loving the heater/heated seat, we have put the 25 breakin hours on. Just doing the service this week and then ready for full on summer. CANT WAIT!!!








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