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Awesome Speaker Setup at Reboats

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So I just stopped by Reboats here in Utah and they had a 2012 21 Tomcat with 2 pairs of Rev 8s. It was probably the best sound systems I have heard on a boat. It was super clean and loud! I am considering getting either just two Rev 8s, the two pair of Rev 8s, or just two Rev 10s. I have never heard how two Rev 10s sound. Anyone have any suggestions?? Also there is a big enough difference in sound to justify the extra $ to go from two Rev 8s to four or to just two Rev 10s?



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1 pair of Rev 8s sounds pretty amazing as well. Not as much thump as the 10s but still really good midbass. We ran a pair with a syn 4 powering them last summer. We are adding a pair of Rev10s to the tower this summer but we aren't getting rid of the rev 8s. If you are only going to buy one paired tower speakers I would say just go ahead and spend the extra cash on the rev 10s.

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