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 Boat: 2021 - B52 23 Alpha. Lake Arrow head, CA.  has a rule " No riding anything with the word Surf in the name".......Wake skates are allowed. The Ronix Carver is the Closest feeling wakeskate to a surfboard....(that I know of)..... Lake Arrowhead, CA. also has a rule "must use a rope with a minimum length of 36' from the transom."

    So the goal is to get the best wave like wake at 36'...... On a Ronix Carver I can slow way down to 16-17 mph compared to a regular skate or wakeboard allowing for more surf like turns. Does any one have any ballast adjustment suggestions for this goal? - most days there is only 2 average size adults on board while I'm skating. Totally new at having a real wake boat.

   While I'm here, How do you prefer your ballast for wakeskating/wakeboarding at 65-75' 20mph

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It's been a while since there's been a discussion on ballast for wakeboarding, but the prior formula was stock hard tanks full and a full bow bag and you have an awesome wake.  This was before plug 'n play became standard so I'd imagine filling them to some degree would increase the wake size, but filling them full might put too much weight toward the transom.  I'd start with the hard tanks and the bow bag and slowly increase the plug 'n play to see how big you want to get.

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36' from the transom, fill that thing to the absolute max and go 14-17 mph with zero cav plate deployment.  At least on my 16 F22, running 5,600 pounds of ballast at that speed would result in an absoulutely monster wake 36 feet back at that speed. I don't want to even think about fuel burn, though! Obviously the lake is trying to limit wake sizes by cracking down on surfing, so you will still draw some ire with that setup, but you'll be within the letter of the rules!

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