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2007 F23 Tomcat surf mod suggestions

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New to forum and new to wake boats. Just purchased this 2007 tomcat.  I upgraded from a stern drive mainly for wakesurfing. I have been scouring these forums and have seen some post about this year not being good for surfing. Since I just bought this boat and don’t plan on selling it. I am determined to figure it out. I ordered a set of 12”x18” edge mounted trim tabs that just got in today but won’t have time to install them for a couple of weeks.  I am debating on installing one like the “surf tabs” or both (if it would have any benefit). If I only do one then I will probably use the other actuator to do a slapper add on a little later. 

I have had it out a few times playing with the wave.  I purchased a swell wake surf creator H3X plus. It has helped. It seems like I get the cleanest wave but at higher speeds 14.3 MPH. At 10-13 to much white wash on the wave. The 14.3 speed makes it a little hard to stay on the board. I’m hoping the plate will clean some of the wash and dig the bow down a little so I could slow down.  Don’t want to weigh the boat down to much more. Any thoughts?

Has anyone with the 2007s hull design got a good wave with stock ballast and addition of surf tabs, gates or other mods. Any info would be appreciated.  

Boat info

2007 MB F23


2400 lbs of stock ballast

prop-acme 2079 (new)

elevation 5500ft







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Hi, I also have a 2007 F23 Tomcat. We found the same issue as you have probably experienced trying to wake Surf. I just purchased a Mega Surf Gate and tried it out recently. It definitley helped create a much cleaner, bigger wave to surf on. For sure better than stock without the surf gate. 

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No it’s a legit account. I’m genuinely looking for some assistance and I appreciate the suggestions. Keep them coming anyone else who has the same boat. 

I got the 12x18 tab installed. Did just the middle tab. It cleans up the wave better but still seems like wave is to short and can’t get it “clean”. I do admit I get a better wave at lower speeds than I did before around 14.5 mph. I am getting a better wave around 13.5 mph with the plate. 

first pic is regular side you can see the wash. This is with stock ballast full  


Second is goofy side. Same thing. These seem the be the cleanest.



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