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2022 25 B52 Alpha

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Great thread and some of it has been addressed in a thread by  @oboyskibum

If I eventually upgraded, a few things I’d like to see are:

1. 460 Motor option.  The 575 is a little too rich for many people and having something beefier than than 440 in a boat that size would be nice for high elevation boats. 

2. Battery switching without lifting up the seat. 

3. it would be nice to have the larger hard tanks as the 22 Alpha.

4. Somehow soundproof it more to quiet the transmission.  

5. Thruster option would be killer.  (Out there I know) 

6. Trash can that’s bigger and easier to pull out (plastic maybe). 

I’m just a newbie though, I’m sure others have better input… I’m still being blown away by my 23A!



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My guess is the 25 will only have the 575 as a option just like the F24 currently.

Hands down: full under floor ballast. I love that about the new Supra's and G23/G25 have that. Wish my Alpha had that.

More freeboard, more freeboard, love my B52 Alpha but it still needs more freeboard. The ass end is to low in the water when its full of water and people. On busy days its easy to take in water over the back from other boats when you are stopped.

Built in cooler and trash can

(2) 12" subs

Ballasts the fill faster

Be able to travel with the tower down without bolting on brackets.

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Would love a 25 option. Couple of things that would be ideal:

1. Better helm seat. Would be great if the bolster was wider and also had a telescoping post (power or non power). Think Malibu power seat

2. Would be great to have an in floor cooler - think G23

3. New bimini - SewLong or similar style where you get rid of the posts that go into the tower - maintaining surf pockets 

4. Leather wrapped dash vs. the black plastic.

5. 102 in beam vs 100 in beam.

6. Side mounted surf tow points

7. +1 on the relocation of the batter selector switch

8. +1 on more freeboard 

9. Redesign steering wheel - thicker with more padding

10. Sound insulated engine bay - reduced engine noise would be so so so welcomed!!!

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obviously all the badassness of the 23/24 alpha…

I like how the 25 LSV has the functional storage area right behind the helm to get stuff outta the way but close. I’d trade a person there for high function convenient storage that’s ‘pull out’ vs ‘drop in’. 

in my house, comfy ass transom seating is high on wifeys list and I’m a big fan too. So bucket seats like the 24 are a must. 

extended Bimini (factory rear extension like somebody had from a shop in Washington) is a 600-1000 dollar option across the line you can get 50% margin and 50%+ client orders we’ll love i think. Canopy type option to cover the whole interior worth looking at too. 

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