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My parents were towing their boat down the road and the cross bar with the tow point sheared from the welds on the tower. Luckily the Bimini strap was wrapped around both and it caught, no damage done to the boat or speakers.

Is this a common issue? I know aluminum fatigues but the boat only has 300hrs and seems a little premature. 


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2013 tomcat with factory install of speakers on side bars. Welds on crossbars cracked during towing and tower fell apart. Welded back with gussets in both corners. FYI, tough to weld it back together retaining the correct angles without tower on the boat. Buy shipping blankets and cover everything!

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Yes this is very common and anyone with this model tower should reinforce their tower, it’s not if but when. Looks like just one cross bar broke so should be easier to get the right angle while on the boat. I live in the Dallas area and had my 2013 MB welded up after it broke last year. If you’re in this area I can send you the number of who I used. As already mentioned cover everything and do it while tower is attached to the boat. In this pic you can see the supports he made when he welded it all back together. 


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36 minutes ago, Aarjones said:

posted on the Facebook group but thought o would share here too.

Similar situation. The gussets make the tower significantly stronger. 

Tower guessets and welding by @Ben_wright_fabrication_inc in SoCal 





I actually tagged my dad in it already.

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